Torrent Decals Launch in Rocket League!

Sep 29, 2021


What’s up nerds, Farwater here to talk to you about Torrent!


More specifically, I want to show you what our teams have been quietly working on in the shadows of summer: the Torrent Rocket League decals.

We worked hand-and-hand with Majicbear and Jordan over the offseason to create these decals specifically for you, the players! Each decal went through intensive play-testing to determine what felt the best on the ground, in the air and everywhere in between. From sleek, black designs to streamlined details throughout; the Torrent decals are designed to feel fast.

So, let’s talk about how we ended on these and what we envision each decal feeling like:




Torrent: Unit 01

  • Taking heavy inspiration from Gundam models, the very first concept we landed on in designing these decals was the Octane’s side panels. We envisioned these feeling like wings, carrying you to a double flip reset.
  • The stripes that run along the length of the car create a lightning-esque effect throughout the body but don’t distract the eye from what’s important: the ball.
  • The spoiler adds some controlled chaos without being visually distracting.
  • From my personal experience, fans of the Abtruse decal will feel the same speed and control with our Octane decal.

“The Octane decal will be the new standard.” - Kinseh


Torrent: Unit 02

Jordan was very particular about how the Dominus looked and felt, rightly so. The Dominus is super unique, as its hitbox can very quickly get lost if the decal doesn’t feel right. 

  • Similar to how gymnasts describe the “twisties,” we wanted to make sure players wouldn’t lose sight of where the edges of the car were to ultimately make the correct touches at important moments.
  • Following our theme of Gundam/mechs, we took a more minimalist approach to the Dominus’ side panel.
  • The mint accents enhance the angles of the Dominus, really taking advantage of the car’s unique body.

“The Dominus decal is so sleek you instantly feel faster using it.” - Jordan


Torrent: Unit 03

I don’t know how to best describe it other than Torrent Fennec is clean. It’s sleek, feels nice, handles exceptionally well and it just feels awesome.

  • We hit the mark almost immediately when designing the Torrent Fennec.
  • I know Yorebands are a super popular Fennec decal: the Torrent Fennec has the exact same allure.
  • Similarly to our Octane, the Torrent Fennec has a barcode spoiler to keep the eye entertained.


“The Torrent Fennec is the cleanest decal in the RLCS.” - Majicbear

The decals will be available October 5th in the Rocket League Esports Shop, we can’t wait to see you all using them in game!


Jake “Farwater” Neerland