Zineel Joins Torrent RLCS

Apr 22

Everyone give a warm welcome to our new RLCS 2021-2022 player, Zineel!

Zineel joins us after a relatively short, but impressive, career in the RLCS. He started competing only a year ago, but has had standout performances on some rosters you may remember: Catastrophe, Monkey Business, Square1, RBG and Sup.

Most recently, Zineel won the $8,000 Hoodyhooo 2v2 Invitational with Cheese from Pittsburgh Knights, defeating the likes of AYYJAYY, Atomic, 2Piece, Chronic, evoh and Aqua.

"I'm glad to have Zineel as a teammate and have high hopes for him as a player and us as a team." - Majicbear

We’re incredibly excited to have Zineel join the team. He brings the mechanics, speed and teamwork we’ve been looking for to push back into the success we saw throughout RLCS X. Thank you to the fans who have stood by us through the ups and downs, we hope to see you at the Spring Split Major.